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I pride myself on delivering a friendly and approachable massage & Pilates service - helping customers remain pain and injury free is my highest priority. 

About Me

After one to many 10K’s and half marathons the injuries and pressures on my body were starting to tell, and I was seeking the benefits of a sports massage on a regular basis. During this time I became increasingly interested in the methods and techniques used by my masseur and came to a decision that this was a rewarding and fascinating career path that I wanted to follow.

Through the service I provide I have helped a range of sportsman and sportswomen overcome a range of particular issues, and have also treated those who have non-sporting related injuries, with the aim of providing advice on maintenance, stretches and aftercare routines that get clients feeling fit and happy with their treatments.

My involvement with clients working to prevent injury and maintain healthy muscles through physical manipulation ultimately led to a keen interest in Pilates, having trained as a Level 3 Comprehensive Matwork instructor with the APPI, one of the most respected and rigorous Pilates training organisations in the UK - being the first ever non-health professional to pass the APPI healthgroup matwork exam!


VTCT level 3 in Sports Massage Therapy

VCTC level 3 in Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology

Fully Certified APPI Comprehensive Matwork Pilates Instructor

Advanced Neck & Shoulder Massage qualification

Bamboo & Cupping Massage Therapy

I am fully insured by Balens Insurance.

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