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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a treatment last?

A typical session lasts 1 hour. This includes time for me to set up my table, to have a consulatation with you, to fill out a consent and medical history form (first appointment only) and pack down time. If you require a longer or shorter appointment please contact me.


What do I wear?

Loose comfortable clothing is ideal for massage. For lower back treatments, please wear a garment with an elasticated waist. For leg treatments, please wear shorts.


Will I ache the next day?

It is possible that you may ache for 24 hrs post treatment. This is perfectly normal and is just your muscles reacting to being stretched, pulled and manipulated in a way they’re not used to!


How can I prepare for a treatment?

Drink plenty of water as this helps dilute and move the toxins around your bloodstream. A hot shower or bath 10 mins before treatments helps warm up muscles.


How much room do you need to set up?

To set up a massage table and to have plenty of room to move around it, I’ll require a space of 2.5 metres x 1.5 meters minimum.


I live outside the 3 mile radius free treatment radius - how much will you charge to see me?

For treatments within 3 miles of WR2 4QJ there is no charge. Between 3-10 miles a £5 charge will be applied. If you live oustide a 10 mile radius please contact me for more details. See the pricing page for more details.


Do you work evenings & weekends?

Yes, many people prefer to see me on a weeknight or a weekend. So that I can maintain a small social life (!) I tend not to book appointments on Saturday or Sunday evenings.


Please contact me if you require and further information, don’t forget to take a look at the blog page for answers to other questions such as “what is a sports massage”, “do I need to be sporty for a sports massage” and “what is a bamboo massage”.

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