Due to Covid-19 regulations, only Zoom classes are available. 

Pilates Stretches


Intermediate / Advanced Pilates

The ideal class for those who are active and injury free.

Pilates is an excellent low impact option for toning that can also increase flexibility and functional strength. 

In this class we work on muscle imbalances, giving specific exercises to target those weaker muscle groups - achieving a more balanced body, increasing muscle strength and reducing pain and recovery time.

Challenging your core, flexibility and strength using a variety of pace and endurance so that you'll work hard and get a sweat on!


Powick Village Hall

Elderly Woman at Gym


Beginner / Intermediate Pilates

With moves designed specifically to help those who are new to Pilates, recovering from injury or who'd like to progress from a beginner, this class you will develop the skills to create an evenly conditioned body, improve flexibility, engage and strengthen your core correctly and prevent and rehabilitate problem areas.

In this class I teach multiple progressions so you're always comfortable and working at a level thats appropriate for you.


Manor Park Tennis Club

My friendly classes are all small group with maximum of 11 participants per class so you receive individual attention, I can monitor progressions and ensure you know what your doing and why you’re doing it - making sure you are working safely and within your personal abilities.

If you'd like to come to a class please contact me to reserve a space.

Classes are strictly limited to 11 participants per session.


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