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Do I have to be sporty to have a sports massage?

Short answer - No!

Although it contains the word ‘sports’ it’s not just for sporty types. Sports massage is specific, focussing on one area and isolating individual muscle groups. It is remedial (aiming to fix a particuar problem). The massage is deep and is performed in a more clinical environment than a swedish massage.

Most of us have experienced muscle soreness in some form after exercise, but most people suffer pain resulting from the repitive day to day activities that make up our lives.

If you’re an office worker you may experience lower back problems, if you have a stressful lifestyle you may feel neck, shoulder tension resulting in migraine, if your a builder - well frankly you could hurt all over!

A deep tissue massage, specifically focussing on a particular body part get’s to the root of the effected area, relaxing tense muscles, easing conjestion and increasing flexibilty. So, if you are in pain from bad posture, an injury or accident a massage would help stretch your muscles, correct your posture, speed up recovery times and reduce your pain.

Massage can also benefit those who suffer with:







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