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Ice Ice Baby

So, you've been told to ice your injury - big deal, how's that gonna help?

Ice is a little miracle worker when it come to healing, here's why:

• Pain reduction. • Decreases swelling. • Localises inflammation. • Lowers the temperature.

• Constricts blood vessels - keeping secondary injuries such as bruising to a minimum.

Use a gel ice pack or bag of frozen peas (wrapped up in a cloth), cooling sprays are very popular but don't penetrate any further than the skin - avoid them.

Apply ice for 10 - 15 minutes, let the skin return to normal temperature, then repeat twice more - up to 4 times a day.

If you're training hard (and you are brave enough to do this) a cold shower after a workout will give the whole body the benefits mentioned above whilst decreasing DOMS and reducing recovery times.

What about heat? Lots of folks like to apply heat, especially on a back strain - if your injury is less than 72 hours old, stick with the ice - I'll talk more about applying heat in my next post....

Thanks for reading!

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